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Life’s short.

Make money doing something you love

Learn everything you need to turn your passion
for makeup into a business and take control of your life.

Life’s short.

Make money doing something you love

Learn everything you need to turn your passion
for makeup into a business and take control of your life.

Take charge with AMA

You’re allowed to have fun while making money

Do you want to spend the rest of your life working for someone else? Letting them decide when you work, how much you get paid, and what you can or can’t do? At AMA you’ll learn everything you need to turn your passion for makeup, into your new side hustle, part-time job, or even career. You can work as a freelance makeup artist, or create your own full-blown business. But most importantly – you’ll be the one in charge of your life.

Where can they go?

Develop the techniques necessary to create amazing looks

Learn how to adjust looks to suit each individual’s features

Learn the business side of things and start earning money

Earn the freedom to do things your way by becoming your own boss

Do something you love and make money at the same time

Our Courses

Whether you want to have some fun and experience what it’s like to be a professional makeup artist, or dive right in and
learn how to start your own business -- there’s a course for you:

Professional Makeup Artistry Course*

Do you love makeup with a passion, want to learn all the techniques and possibly create an extra side income? Our specialised Professional Makeup Artistry short courses are for you. Nationally recognised run just one night per week.
*Nationally Recognised Training SHBBMUP002 Design and apply makeup

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Master Your Makeup™ (MYMU™)

Do you love makeup and you want to learn different makeup looks for yourself or perhaps to create the looks on others to treat family and friends?  MYMU is a series of stand-alone group classes that can be mixed and matched into a customised course program.
*non-accredited training

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The AMA method

What do you want?

Imagine being in control of your life. Working in a field you are passionate about, having the choice to work when you want, having life in balance and get paid what you are worth.

What will you experience?

Learn the craft of professional makeup artistry. Learn all the practical skills along side business building knowledge. Be supported through the process to take charge of your life.

Who you are?

Step into the person you were born to be. Gain the confidence and mindset to be your very own personal success story as you begin your journey as a makeup artist

What you see?

Transform your vision and plan for your future. Take pride in your achievements as you launch your very own unique brand. Become an inspiration to your clients, family and all those lives you touch.

Stop missing out on all the fun

Start doing something you love
Book a makeup discovery call

Think you are ready to start your journey with AMA? Need more information? Book a Course Consult with an expert to find out if you are the right fit for AMA and figure out the best way to start your journey.



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