Our Current Top 5 Artistry Products!!

Here at Artistry of Makeup Academy (AMA) our kits are stocked with a deluxe skincare and makeup range from Artistry. During the week AMA Trainers Sarsha and Jessica highlighted their current top 5 fav. Artistry Makeup Products.   Lets take a closer look at the products, their benefits, and some additional Trainer tips to support your application: (1) SOFTENING LOTION BENEFITS: –…

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When you start your own business as a Freelance Makeup Artist you need all the help you can get!! At Artistry of Makeup Academy (AMA) the team are committed to supporting their students to successfully begin their journey as Makeup Artists. When you study with AMA your are invited to attend our Inspire Sessions free of charge! So…… What’s an Inspire Session? Well,…

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Threading vs. Waxing

You know when you hear people participating in a debate in which they are all (unwittingly) arguing the same point but just using different words? Well, that’s exactly what I hear when somebody asks me which form of hair removal I deem the winner when it comes to the choice between waxing and threading. There’s no…

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