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Change – Do You Love or Hate it?

Do you love or hate change?

Change is something that I have been wrestling with over the last couple of years is, do I love it? Or do I hate it? 

I must admit, I go through waves of when I love change and other times when I hate it.

But let’s face it, the fact is, our country in the last two and a half years has gone through massive change.

A lot of change that was completely out of our control. And usually, (I don’t know about you), but if something happens, which is completely left field that we weren’t expecting, it sort of rattles us a bit, and it’s like whoa! What’s happening here?? What do we do with this change?

Embrace the Change

But what I guess I’ve learned over the last 22-plus years in business is that we have to embrace change, right? 

To use the cliche of the last two years, well we’re in the new normal, right? I hate saying that… “pivot” is another one of those buzz words.

But the facts are, that we are currently in a period of change. The facts are, that change happens all the time. 
We have two choices, when we’re faced with change, or just around the subject of change In general. Because when we’re in this sort of environment where change is happening all the time. Now we’ve got petrol prices going up, home loan home rates going up, cost of living going up.

And we’ve got two choices, we can sit and watch and worry and wait for the change to come and hit us and then react. 

Two Choices – React or Respond

Or we can make a stand and take charge of the change, and actually decide what we’re going to do with our lives. Then when something happens, we can respond rather than react. 

We can take the opportunity to take the mindset shift of  “this change is happening for us not to us”.

At the academy, one of our value words is EMPOWERMENT.

And before you can empower anybody, you’ve got to be able to empower yourself, don’t you? 

So what was interesting here, when I was preparing this today, I looked up in the dictionary what the word empowerment actually means. 

It means the process of becoming stronger and more confident to take control of your life.

So are you going to take control of the change?

That is my question today. 

Don't Resist change, Embrace it.

Just embrace it. Take the encouragement, take the empowerment to empower yourself. Because, if you’re a mom, if you’re a work colleague or sister, we have a role to encourage those around us. 

For me, one of the things that have been really important in my life has been to be able to encourage and empower, especially my children.

As a single mum of four kids, it was something that was very valuable for me to be able to show them that, when life change happens, when things happen outside of your control, you can embrace that and you can respond or you can worry and you can react. By no means did I get this right back then.

Well, it’s all a work in progress, right? But hey, that’s just my little five-minute thought for the day today, around change and taking control of that change.

Be an empowerer to those around you.

3 woman helping each other and empowering each other through times of change.

First, we’ve got to be able to empower ourselves to live the life that we want. So anyway, that’s just my little thought for today.
And as I always say, stay beautiful.

Leanne x

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