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COVID FACT – 41% increase in corporate professional women studying to start their own businesses.

Where a lot of industries are reducing in size, the training industry seems to be having a resurgence, and we are not talking about your regular corporate up-skilling.

Artistry of Makeup Academy founder and Principal Leanne Bennett says AMA has seen a huge increase in the numbers of professional women enrolling in the Academy’s evening pro makeup artist courses  during this period.  She says a lot of the newly enrolled students are coming from lengthy, successful careers in the Corporate sector.  The women are seeking control over their lives and options for security after witnessing the pandemic sweep the globe.

“We have had professional accounts managers, teachers, executive assistants, finance executives, nurses and even Police enrolling” Leanne said.  “Our evening face to face courses have been very popular, We also have a hybrid course combining online study and intensive face to face practical sessions run over weekends which has also been a hit”

Kim, a Regional sales Manager with 15 years Corporate advertising sales under her belt is one of Leanne’s new recruits.  Kim has been managing her team and dealing with clients for years and now feels it is time to take her skills to a new level and do something for herself that she is passionate about.  Sam, a Registered Nurse is looking to create a side business so she can reduce her hours at the Hospital, reduce the stress load and spend more time with her young family.

You might ask if makeup is considered risky luxury items in this economy.  According to statistics, it might just be the best time to get started in the simple luxury industries. During the four years following the Great Depression (1929 to 1933), there was a very significant rise in cosmetic sales, and it became known as “THE LIPSTICK EFFECT”.   As the theory goes dispirited consumers spend more money on small luxury items during stressful and hard economic times to help lift their spirits.  It happened again in the United States following the 9/11 terrorist attacks when cosmetic sales doubled.   

Next time you find yourself scrolling pages of job ads, maybe do some soul searching and consider if a career in a creative industry as a makeup artist could be your next career move.

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