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How getting a “GOOD” job doesn’t always equate to happiness.

Much of the time a “good” job is associated with a high paying salary or what can be perceived as a position of power or authority. Well, if you’re TIRED of trying to live up to the educational and professional expectations set out by those around you, then keep reading…..Your going to find that spark that you NEED to take charge of your life!! This Week we sat down with Artistry of Makeup Academy’s Trainer Jessica Phillips and she got candid about the expectations she faced within her professional life and how she took charge, changed careers, and found herself working in the Makeup Industry.

QUESTION: Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your professional background?

ANSWER: Sure, I’m 27, I’m from a small town on the North Coast of Australia. I moved to Sydney about 7 years ago to complete my degree in Social Work, after working within the Community Services Industry and having already studied a variety of certificates at TAFE which included Children’s Services, Community Services and Mental Health Work. I’ve always been passionate about supporting people’s growth and this was an extension of that.

QUESTION: It sounds like you had your career path set out? What made you want to make a change?

ANSWER:  The Sydney culture is VERY different from that of my home town, and when I moved here I think I wanted a change, but I was scared. I had always put pressure on myself (whether that was when I was in school, playing sport or within my professional life) to be the best or most successful. I always put this above everything else and after a while that can be exhausting. I’m sure some people can relate to that! and sometimes that pressure doesn’t always come from ourselves, it comes from our family or societal expectations placed on us. I thought that going to university and getting a “good” job was going to make me feel fulfilled and happy, but it didn’t, I felt empty, and even though I was in a career that was meaningful this was overshadowed but the constant drive to adhere to some crazy standard that I thought equated to happiness.


ANSWER: I honestly sometimes ask myself the same thing! Being from a small town the only access to makeup I had was shopping at Big W or the local chemist, and my mother wasn’t exactly the queen of makeup. Her idea of makeup application involved putting on some moisturiser and maybe a brown lipstick, and that generally only happened for a special occasion, she probably owned that lipstick for like, 3+ years….[SORRY MUM!!] In saying that, I have always been creative, and I wanted to do something for me, so I enrolled in a part-time Makeup Course while I was working and thats how the love affair started. I initially just wanted to learn how to do my own makeup, you know, so I didn’t scare people with an orange line around my chin or horribly applied eyebrows.  BUT, It has turned into so much more than that, and I’m so grateful that I listened to that little voice inside that told me to go for it! [We all have one; Listen to it].

QUESTION: You are currently a Makeup Trainer at AMA, What are some other highlights from your career in Makeup so far?

ANSWER: I think the great thing about the Makeup Industry is that there are so many avenues you can take; From working in TV and film, to running your own freelance business there are a number of options and you don’t have to pick just one, you can do them ALL!!  I have been extremely lucky within my 6 year career to have had the opportunity to work backstage at Fashion Week, work as a makeup artist within the retail environment and have editorial works published. I now run my own freelance makeup business and work as an educator at Artistry of Makeup Academy. I have flexibility, work life balance, and most importantly I get up every morning excited to go to work!

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