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Threading vs. Waxing

You know when you hear people participating in a debate in which they are all (unwittingly) arguing the same point but just using different words? Well, that’s exactly what I hear when somebody asks me which form of hair removal I deem the winner when it comes to the choice between waxing and threading. There’s no comparison, because the end goal is identical.

The defining factor in this particular contest should all come down to personal choice ie. what accommodates your individual needs and circumstances.

If we were to unpack it, I would go with the following:


A non-chemical option (although many brands of wax come in organic formulas now and consist of a very low concentrated chemically induced ingredients, most of which are derivatives of naturally refined sources anyway).

Threading generally tends to be performed whilst client is sitting in an upright position (the way ALL eyebrow shaping should be performed, IMO) making it easier to follow the true shape of the eyebrow in an uncompromised form, allowing physics to play its role when maintining its structure and cohesion;

Great hair removal option for people who suffer the effects of acne or are on a course of medication specifically targeted to combat acne


Actually, that’s it for the benefits, really!

So, before we move onto the negatives, let’s compare the above points to that of your waxing options:


A quicker, more abrupt method, consequently making it a less painful process than threading – don’t get me wrong, waxing hurts just as much as threading, the difference is it is expedited in a far more instantaneous capacity so is over and done with a lot sooner.

Hairs are far more likely to be plucked directly from their root, making their grow back time a little more enduring.

And again, that’s it for the (comparative) positives.

So let’s look at the negatives:



Can have a “shaving effect” when it comes to targeting the finer hairs on your the face (you can visually take in the evidence of this when you watch threading in practice and see a dust cloud of little hairs go flying around its participant) so the time between your appointments may need to be a tad slimmer, making it a slightly more expensive operation.

Due to the fact that a threader needs both hands to manoeuvre the thread over the desired facial area, you, the client, are required to support the skin to avoid unnecessary pain and resulting bruising that may occur if the area is not held firmly and tautly, which can make the treatment less therapeutic and more like hard work, especially if you are having a full face of threading done – arms can become quite fatigued.


If you are heat sensitive and prone to topical reactions that occur as a result, then waxing is probably not your best option.

Depending on your therapist, the majority of waxing will occur whilst you are lying on a bed – not the most adept method of determining what form your eyebrow shape should take on.

Wax at high temperatures can cause burning to the skin – this is more due to the carelessness of your therapist (a risk we all take no matter what the treatment may be).

So you can see that there’s not much to separate the argument between what method is superior, and to me the debate is void of any substantial evidence to suggest that one way is better than the other. A lot can go wrong with either and you are not guaranteed a perfect experience.

So if I were to summarise, I would do so by saying this: I am not a gambling woman, but if I was to bet on a horse my choice would be based on two discerning observations:

1) The horse’s name,


2) The colour of the jockey’s silks.

I would apply the same criteria when deciding upon depilatory options. And if all else fails, threading is actually really cool to watch!!!!!

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